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Using open source to make money on generic PCs

Say you're in the business of making PCs. And, you want to make money at this business.

Should RISC OS be open sourced?

The debate over whether or not RISC OS should be open sourced took another turn this week when Peter Naulls argued that "certain parts" of the OS could be released under an open source licence.

Linux and NTFS: peace at last?

Reading from NTFS file systems wasn't too much trouble. Writing to a file or creating a new file, though, was something else again. And, trying to adjust the size of an NTFS partition or recover a dead file was, while not impossible, hard enough that few people wanted to try it. Now, however, Paragon Software Group has created its own NTFS driver: NTFS for Linux. And, from what my friends over at PC Magazine Labs can tell, it works pretty darn well.

Why MS Office for Linux is a win-win

Dana Blankenhorn asks an important question which Microsoft ought to be asking itself: Would you buy MS Office for Linux? Let's go back a few years, to the antitrust suit brought about by the DoJ under the Clinton administration…

Mcrosoft to buy Red Hat? Say it ain’'t so

As David Berlind recently pointed out in his piece Is Microsoft considering acquisition of Red Hat? Microsoft could see Red Hat’s acquisition as a nice way to undermine IBM, but might not consider that a sufficient reason to do it. That, of course, is Microsoft’s perspective, but what about Red Hat’s? This is a company, remember, that wants to be Microsoft and, like Microsoft, makes its living packaging and selling other people’s ideas.

The economics of commercial open source

The goal of the series is to expose a trend in open source that is leading to the creation of a new breed of "effective" monopolies by commercial open source companies.

New Linuxes, Old Problems

Several new distributions make communicating with a Windows network more difficult than it should be.

Linux vs. Apple: An Uncomfortable Battle

Linux represents a threat and an opportunity for every software and hardware company. Apple is once again at the crossroads. While it will take a couple of years before we know whether the company will make the right choice, one thing is clear: Apple's path is about to become vastly more interesting.

Red Hat: Open source GFS

Global File System (GFS) is a cluster file-system for operating system distributions based on the Linux kernel. It is used as a shared file-system commonly on share-accessible block storage such as fibre-channel, shared SCSI, iSCSI and FireWire (IEEE 1394) devices.

What did SCO buy--Unix or the Brooklyn Bridge?

To the outsider, and even to me for some time, the

various lawsuits involving the SCO Group follow a

relatively simple story line. I'm not a lawyer, but

after many interviews with the involved parties and

lawyers, the case boils down to divergent

interpretations of the subject matter.