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The QNX Community Portal

News, explanations, FAQ, forums, newsgroups, mailing lists, software downloads, weblinks, tech reviews, searches, fun, tips, online live support. Created as the central information resource for the QNX community.

A QNX porting - packaging example

This article illustrates how to port and package a well-formed GNU source distribution into a QNX package. Assumptions are that you have installed the development packages and the new package builder.

New Version of QNX Realtime Platform avaible

This new distribution includes version 6 of the QNX RTOS, based on the Neutrino microkernel and the Photon microGUI. The QNX RTP now supports SCSI systems and features a new package manager that allows you to upgrade right from your web browser. For multimedia applications, the new distribution offers streaming audio and video support, and reduced CPU load during MPEG and other audio playback formats.

QNX-FR: Le premier site français traitant de QNX

The best french site for QNX-RTP news. The site is regularly updated. Also has a forum that you might want to check out.

HOWTO install QNX-RTP on laptops.

The canonical HOWTO for installing QNX on laptops. Lists what

laptop hardware works with QNX. There also exists a

mailing list

and a chat site

QNX Quickies.

QNXStart reports, QSSL has introduced


which is a cheap license for small companies and developers

that allows them to release commercial software for the

RTP. There is also a new article on the QDN called

Using Neutrino's devctl(). Also the folks at

QNX have just sent the


team a QNX enabled PC to continue the QNX port of


Plex86 runs QNX4!



reports "After DOS, Linux, Window 95, & Windows NT -

Plex86, the open-source alternative to VMWare runs QNX 4!

If you cant wait for a real relase to see it in action, you need to

go grab the CVS however."

QNX-based Vision System guides shuttle mission

NASA will be attatching $600 million solar arrays to the Alpha

space station this weekend, and they will be using a

QNX-based vision system to guide the 50-foot Canadarm.

QNX Reviewed.

To tell you the truth, QNX (pronounced Que-nix) isn't exactly open source software. The QNX company does not want to

give the source away. But it does come with some open source GNU programming tools. You can even port Linux programs

to QNX easily.

QNX RTP: What lies beneath?

QNX, or Qee-nix, is one of the latest entrants in the free operating systems

market. If you mistakenly thought that QNX is a new kid on the block, you

couldn't be more wrong! The QNX Real Time Operating System ala RTOS (What the

heck does that mean? A: We'll get to that later) has existed for nearly 20

years. QNX Software Systems claim that they were the first to bring

transparent distributed processing to the PC, built-in fault tolerance and

embedded microkernel windowing system, to name just some of the pioneering