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Abracadabra! The magic of Mandrake 8.0

Install Grub or Lilo: Mandrake 8.0 offers you a choice of both Grub and Lilo to boot your system. Both are equally good. You can also set it to boot into Linux or Windows by default at startup.

You can also specify who to log in and which GUI. KDE 2.2.1 is the default desktop for Linux-Mandrake 8.0, but many other desktop environments and window managers are included. Choosing a different "Session Type" from the login window can access them.

Configuring X: Our monitor was auto detected. However, if you are in expert install, you will be given a choice of types, resolutions and number of colors.

To sum up

That's it! You have just installed Mandrake 8.0 successfully. Remove your install CD and reboot the machine. All that's left now is to tweak it to optimize it for your machine. These include optimizing the hard disk performance (see Previous Article), selecting Startup programs etc. This is where you swing into action with Linux Mandrake Control Center - a upgraded version of DrakeConf.

We will look at more features in Mandrake 8.0 in our next article. Till then…