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Abracadabra! The magic of Mandrake 8.0

As the previous Odyssey version, this too came in a 2 CD download. Minimum requirements apart from a Pentium or compatible processor, is at least 32 MB RAM (64MB recommended for graphical installation). Just as before, the installation process is easy with none of the problems faced last time. The key words in the installation being: Simplicity, Flexibility and Control.

There are four ways you can install Linux-Mandrake 8.0 (LM8). (We are not covering upgrades, as we never got around to keeping our buggy 7.2 installation)

1. Boot from the CD: As usual, you make your machine bootable from the CD drive, insert the first CD and roll away.

2. Start the installation from Windows: You should note the amount of free space and the modem port. The Installer will resize the partition (goodbye Partition Magic!). You should however first defrag your hard disk and back up important data.

3. Creating a boot floppy: Create a boot floppy under Windows using the Mandrake CD.

4. Alternative methods: Just as in Version 7.2, you have a variety of install options. Pressing F1 gives you info on available options or else the default install starts up. Apart from the usual expert and text based install you have:

'vgalo', for low resolution graphic installation,

'lnx4win' for standard graphic installation using Linux for windows

'all' for a complete choice of available installs, including a choice of install media, turning off auto hardware detection, etc.

We went for the standard install from the CD and minutes later got the usual Mandrake install screen. The left side of the screen has all the install steps, listed down. An orange star by the side shows the step you are currently in and green indicates completed steps Red stars show pending steps. You can jump back to any point at any given time. You can also change the color of the install screen if you do not like the default. (See image below)


(Graphics courtesy: MandrakeSoft)

Installation Class

This time around you have only 2 choices: Recommended or Expert. You can also upgrade from an older version at this point.