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IglooFTP: More than just a cool name

Incidentally, there are two ways to transfer large batches of files, one is simply to select all of them and choose upload/download or you can add them to the queue. To initiate the transfers for files in the queue, simply go to the `Queue? menu bar and choose transfer queue. The queue option is really great as it allows you to keep track of all the transfers that are in progress, whereas a direct upload/download only gives you information about the current file being transferred. What?s more, while both ways support resumption of interrupted files, if the files are done via the queue method the process becomes simpler still. All you have to do is select `transfer the queue? option and the software will automatically log into the server for you and begin the transfer!

The queue option has some very interesting possibilities. If you need to perform multiple uploads and downloads across different servers, first log into all of them and queue the tasks. Then simply disconnect from them and choose the transfer queue option. The software will then do all the tedious work of logging into the servers and perform the operations you have assigned it.


In a nutshell, IglooFTP is a great FTP client that is well worth its registration fee. The authors have not only made a good product, but they have handled the shareware issue very well. There are no nag screens or automatic expirations. They rely on their product alone to convince you to register within the thirty days. IglooFTP is everything you would want in an FTP client, so go ahead, try it out and you?ll agree that it goes beyond having just a cool name!

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