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IglooFTP: More than just a cool name

Move through the menus and you will realize what a comprehensive and easy to use FTP client this is. If you have used an FTP client before, adapting to this is almost instantaneous, but even if you are new to the concept, it won?t be long before you?ll turn into a pro!

How it works

IglooFTP works straight out of the box, but if you want to make some configuration changes you can do them easily. The program offers some powerful options if you want to fine-tune your settings. The configuration option is accessed by first clicking on FTP then Settings and then finally Preferences. Everything from the programs appearance to the way it handles files can easily be set from here. (See image below)

Now that you are all set to transfer, lets do a quick run-through of how that is done. In case you are new to the FTP scene, don?t worry. IglooFTP includes a built-in list of some of the most popular FTP sites where you can download some great software and learn more about IglooFTP in the process.

Connecting to a server in IglooFTP is very simple. If you are connecting to one of the built in ones, simply select it from the list and click on the connect button in the toolbar at the top. If you wish to connect to one of your own specific servers, simply put in the details in the FTP host toolbar at the top and click connect. In case you frequent a particular server, just automate the process by adding it to the built in list. As mentioned earlier, when you are not connected to an FTP host, the right hand half section of the screen displays a list of the built in server listings. Choose an appropriate category for the site you are adding and them simply right click and choose `Add Site?. The dialog box, which appears next, will offer a host of options, which you can specify for the site. (See image below)

Using it

Here?s a quick look at using IglooFTP. Connect to a server and change to the remote directory where you want to upload/download files from. You can perform all the operations you wish to, by selecting and right clicking on the particular files. Everything from basic file operations to the transferring options is available from this menu.