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Linux demystified

It offers a choice of your video card. We suggest you click Probe. The screen flickers for a while and then offers the right choice. If it does not, you can choose your card from the list. In the next screen you choose your video mode. Here is where you have to find the Horizontal Frequency Range of your monitor and what maximum frequency it supports. If you have a decent video card, 800 * 600 at 61 Hz will work. 640 * 480 at 60 Hz should work for most people. If not, choose a lower option like 400 * something etc. If the screen offers an option to test it, test this mode, if you can see an image similar to your Windows Desktop the configuration is OK.

Choose 32 bpp in the lower left options and choose `No Virtual Desktop’. In the next screen choose Prepared Partition and then select the partition(s), which you formatted for Linux and the installer will format them again when you click format. Unfortunately this has to be repeated. Do not format your Windows partition by mistake or you will lose all your software. You can differentiate between the two by their drive letters. These drive letters can be known when Windows reboots after partition magic repartitions your hard drive. If you don’t know them, stop the installation reboot in windows and find them.

In the next screen, choose the partition to be mounted as root. The 1 or 2 GB partition, which you formatted for Linux should be mounted as root and not any other partition. Select ‘Install LILO on MBR’ which is the recommended option. Later you have to choose which Operating Systems you want to boot into. Generally, the list consists of Caldera and Windows. Select `ALL’

Now, choose what kind of installation you want. This can be decided by the amount of Memory that each takes and how much you have freed for Linux.

After that it asks you to configure your modem printer etc, from a list and your Internet service provider (ISP). Select the Time Zone : Asia Calcutta, for example. You can do this easily by clicking on Calcutta in East India on the world map above. Choose ‘Hard Ware Clock Set to Local Time’. It asks you for data like name and 2 passwords.

Wait till installation gets over. Click Next and allow Caldera to reboot. You get a list of Operating Systems you can boot into. Choose Linux and after 1 minute you get a screen asking for your user name and password. Enter them and you have booted into Linux.

After that Explore Learn Fiddle and if you screw up, reinsall. You can boot into Windows by selecting Windows at the boot up menu.

And happy working with Linux. You sure will enjoy it.