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Linux demystified

Now they recommend creating a Swap Space partition for Linux. Click `Yes’ and then `Next’. Put the Swap Space on the same Hard Disk as your Linux partition, if you have 2 Hard Disks. Now you have to go through 3 steps in the same way as above. In the 4th step, you have to decide the size of Swap. 128 MB is enough for most people. Enter a Name (Label) if you want to before going on to Finish. Now click on `Apply changes’ and the computer will restart. PM will do the partitioning and this process will take about 15-20 minutes on a P3-450 more if you have a slower processor so be patient.

Caution : When the computer is restarting, do not interrupt the process in any way unless asked to by the instructions on your screen.


We assume you have all the apparatus listed above in place along with the books etc and all info you can get about your hardware as a safeguard. We are taking Caldera 2.4 as the example, as it is the easiest. For those using SUSE, the installation is similar and almost as easy.

Now you have to Put the Caldera CD in the CD-ROM and Restart your PC. Before this you need to ensure that your PC can boot from the CD ROM. This is the default for 99% PCs. But in case you are the odd one out, this can be done from the BIOS. The ideal order in which to boot disks is:

1) Floppy


3) HDD

4) Anything Else

The Boot order is one of the menu options in BIOS. You can start the BIOS by pressing F2 when your computer boots. Do not change anything else in the BIOS. Save the changes and restart. Now you can insert the CD in the CD Rom drive and Restart you PC. THE PC boots from the Caldera CD and you can now see a screen offering you various modes of installation. Choose the ‘VESA INSTALLATION’ mode.

Now select your Language : English

The next screen offers you a choice of your mouse. It detects the appropriate option by default. Check to see if you can move your pointer around and click things and then click Next. If it doesn’t find the appropriate model from the drop down list and choose it Next screen offers a choice of keyboards. Most people have a Generic 104 KEY keyboard. Test if all the letter and number keys are working in the space below.