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MP3 streaming server

Given below are the playlist related options. Leave them at the defaults values.

* playlist - Point it to your shoutcast playlist

* autodetect yes - Leave as is but we've had trouble with variable bit-rate encoded files.

You need a playlist of mp3's for shoutcast. An easy way to prepare the playlist, is to use find. For example:

find /mp3 -name *.mp3 > /usr/local/icecast/etc/shout.playlist

Now begin by starting icecast and follow it by shoutcast. Shout will connect to Icecast and the mp3's in your streams will now be available at http://server:8000.

Likewise, you can attach many more streams to icecast. One good stream is Liveice, which allows you to do live streaming of content.

Now that you have a full-fledged radio station installed and running, have a blast.

Happy `DJ’ing’!