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Linux printing made easy: Part 2

In a further exploration of the Common Unix Printing System (CUPS), this article tackles configuration -- namely adding and managing printers, even unsupported ones, with CUPS's Web-based interface.

DHCP daemon made easy

When my friends visited with their laptops, they plugged into the local area network and would have to muck about with their network settings. I got tired of reconfiguring everything from Solaris to Windows 98 when they came over, so I bit the bullet and installed the DHCP daemon. It was actually easier than I expected.

Postfix - The Sendmail replacement, part II

Postfix is now more useful than ever as a gateway mail server. This article covers some of the more interesting available features and how you can use them to secure and protect your email infrastructure.

Becoming more advanced in the Bash shell

If you've ever used GNU/Linux, chances are good that you've used bash. Some people hold the belief that using a GUI is faster than using a CLI. These people have obviously never seen someone who uses a shell proficiently. This tutorial shows you a few of the amazing features bash provides to increase your productivity.

System administration : xinetd

Xinetd - extended Internet services daemon - provides a good security against intrusion and reduces the risks of Deny of Services (DoS) attacks. Like the well known couple (inetd+tcpd), it allows to fix the access rights for a given machine, but it can do much more. In this article we will take you through its many features.

Introduction to Streaming MP3

Streaming is more analogous to listening to a radio station. You "tune in" and listen. There are a handful of servers you can use under Linux. This article will explain how to set-up an IceCast server together with two different ways of connecting a "source" LiveIce & XMMS-LiveIce.

Win4Lin takes the pain out of Windows

Win4Lin allows you to install Windows 95 or Windows 98 as an application that runs on Linux. When you start up Windows, it appears in a window on your desktop; you can then install and run almost any Windows application. You can't run most games because Win4Lin doesn't support DirectX.

Linux compatibility, the hard way

It's always irritated me to have two Linux installs on my system, however: one under /linux, and one under /usr/compat/linux. It seems it would be possible to run programs in Linux mode using the existing Linux partition, rather than installing linux_base.

Foiling DNS attacks

Most of us take DNS servers for granted. This continuing series on attacking and defending your own machines discusses how people attack DNS servers and what you can do to improve your security.

Installing a Linux web server

If you have ever wanted to set up a Linux-based Web server but aren't sure how to get started, this article is for you! This first of two parts covers the basic steps to installing a Linux system including the software packages for operating a Web server.