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NetBSD PPTP Server Guide

A guide on how to configure NetBSD to act as a VPN server for PPTP Clients.

Simple FreeBSD installation yields functional desktop system

Many near-religious-level debates revolve around which GNU/Linux distribution is "best." However, we are blessed with two free platforms for desktop usage, the other being BSD. If you can deal with text-based installation and a few post-install commands at the command line, you can install and use FreeBSD 5.1. I got FreeBSD fully installed on a 450MHz AMD K6-III+ system with 512MB of SDRAM and a 36GB 10Krpm SCSI hard disk in just under an hour.

NetBSD PPTP Client

Short guide on how to get started with NetBSD as a client in PPTP networks.

Flexibility in ROM: A Stackable Open Source BIOS

While the LinuxBIOS effort fully supports Linux, other modern operating systems, e.g. *BSD, and Windows 2000/XP, could not be directly supported because of their reliance on a few services provided by those legacy BIOSes. In this paper, we describe how we have combined elements of the LinuxBIOS, the Bochs PC emulator, and additional software to create the first open source firmware for the IBM PC capable of booting most modern operating systems.

Creating a Complete Distribution on CD

If you need a CD distribution that is more flexible and customizable than the ones readily available, create your own.

Porting Linux to the iPod

Just as the name Linux on iPod suggests, now you can have Linux running on your iPod. With Linux on iPod, you can play (to a limited degree, as of this writing) MP3 and Ogg files under Linux on your iPod.

Using RAID in Linux

When you look at some of the installation documents for any of popular Linux distributions, you will see only few mentions of the term RAID, typically with passages such as \"you will need RAID only if you are a very professional systems administrator and you already know what are you doing.\" Even in the latest documentation of the latest Linux releases, this is likely the only thing you will see about RAID. This is one big reason why I think we should move past this barrier and demonstrate that RAID can be used by \"normal\" people.

Configure Samba as a primary domain controller on an xSeries server

Want to integrate your Microsoft client machines with a Linux or Unix server? Open-source Samba turns a Unix or Linux system into a file and print server for Microsoft Windows network clients. Roll up your sleeves, take, this tutorial, and learn how, to configure Samba as a primary domain controller on an xSeries server. [Requires Registration]

How to get Linux on your corporate desktop

First part in a series describing simple and easy ways to replace a Windows workstation with a Linux workstation, and stay productive in a corporate environment.

Using CUPS with Gimp-Print

Printing under Linux has been advancing in the last year or two. I hadn\'t really been paying much attention to this because, to be honest, I am not a heavy-duty printing person. I had, at the time, just a simple epson dot matrix printer that worked fine enough with ghostscript, although the command line was a little complex.