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Macromedia will release source code of Flash Player

World's busiest FTP server sets new traffic record -- 1.39 TB in one day!

wcarchive.cdrom.com, the world's busiest FTP server, set a new record for traffic on May 24th, when it served

1.39 Terabytes of data to the world over the 24 hour period ending that morning. The high traffic is largely due to the recent releases of RedHat 6.0

and Slackware 4.0, which are mirrored on the server. wcarchive is a FreeBSD system on a Micron Pentium-III Xeon 500, and has long been a shining

example of FreeBSD's "rock hard stability."

SGI gives Linux a helping hand

SGI will announce that it will freely license its XFS "journaling" file system technology to the Linux community.

Linux.com goes online

Linux portal goes online

Linux 2.2 Gives NT a Run for Its Money--for Free

The latest release of Linux Kernel 2.2 beats Window NT

Will Microsoft make Windows opensource?

Microsoft President Steve Ballmer says that they are seriously considering doing so.

Sun increases Linux support

Now Sun machines can run Linux software too in an emulation

AOL may use Linux for its Internet appliance

America Online has approached Compaq Computer as a possible manufacturer of a Linux-based AOL access device.

First commercial 'mainstream development tools' for Red Hat

Metrowerks's CodeWarrior has released a Linux version of its widely used development tools.

Quake III launched for Linux

Linux is now becoming the choice for Gamers too! The latest version of the most popular game in released for Linux first!