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Be reports half-million downloads of free OS

Be announced that more than 550,000 copies of BeOS 5 have been downloaded since the free PC operating system became available a week ago.

Eclipse: An operating system with Quality of Service (QOS) support

Eclipse is an open source operating system developed by Bell Labs with Quality of Service Support. It is based on FreeBSD version 3.4.

Apple open source OS to ship on Intel

Apple looks set to release version 1.0 of its Darwin open source operating system core real soon now - and for the first time the code will be made available for Intel-based systems.

Be opens source code to desktop interface of BeOS 5

In association with the availability of the latest release of its flagship product, BeOS 5, Be Incorporated announced that it will offer free access to its source code.

Be to offer free version of its OS

Be Inc. said that it will offer the newest version of its operating system for free later this quarter. Version 5 for the desktop will be available for download to preregistered individuals. Be will also work with publishers and other partners to distribute the software.

The V2_Operating System

The V2_OS is a brand new Operating System developed by the techies at the V2_Lab (International lab for the unstable media) in Rotterdam.

EROS is now released under GPL!

EROS: The Extremely Reliable Operating System is a new operating system being implemented at the University of Pennsylvania.

Amiga users demand open source AmigaOS

Amiga users have begun a campaign to persuade Amiga, inc. president Thomas Schmidt that the success of both company and community depends on taking a leaf from Linux's book and releasing the AmigaOS under an open source licence.

Open Sourcing BeOS

Should BeOS go Open Source now when it has started to get popular?

Apple Joins the Free OS Market

Apple is the first major computer company to make Open Source development a key part of its ongoing software strategy