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Red Hat will be a $1 billion Linux company. How about Canonical?

Red Hat's growing to be a $1 billion Linux company, according to an article on the Register. How does it plan to achieve that level of revenue?

Some techniques include a strong developer base working on the Red Hat Linux stack and a strong distribution channel (more than 6,000 resellers). Strong Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4,5,6 distros help. THe company is also making its way into virtualization and middleware to fill up the software stack from top to bottom.

One of Red Hat's fortune-changing moves a while back was the abandonment of its popular consumer distro in favor of an enterprise focus. After all, that's where the money is. The consumer distro is now doing well as a true open-source effort.

Can Canonical repeat Red Hat's success with Ubuntu? Canonical is building its enterprise focus with the server distribution, and has built in a new UI to bolster efforts. But it still has a strong grasp over its consumer distro, which it needs to leave to the open-source community.

I can't say, but Canonical may be thinking that the consumer and enterprise sectors are highly tied to each other. Is that true? The consumer edition is a way to get users to adopt the server edition. But the consumer edition of Ubuntu is massively successful that it overpowers its enterprise/server edition.

Just how Canonical will proceed in the enterprise market will be interesting. Ubuntu may never be a CentOS, but it has the reputation and user base to succeed in the enterprise. The rest depends on Mark Shuttleworth and crew to execute. It may be a good for the company to draw some lessons from Red Hat.

healthy snack.

Acai Berries Blueberries Might be Nearly As Effective

Be aware that blueberries
Blueberries are really a new no-brainer if you're looking for a fresh fruits high in antioxidants. A well liked pie ingredient regarding North American grandmothers. Readily available at most any grocery store in the states and the cheapest of these on our collection. I personally eat a jar of them a day simply because I enjoy the taste much. The ORAC report for one cup connected with cultivated blueberries may be listed at 9019.[1] This ORAC rating for just one cup of wild especially pterostilbene . is listed at 13427.[1]
A pair of. Blackberries
Although generally much harder to find than especially pterostilbene ., blackberries are another renowned berry which contains a really high concentration of antioxidants. The ORAC benefit has officially already been listed at 7701 a cup.[1] Most often you will find blackberries in a berry combination along with raspberries along with blueberries.
3. Cherries
Using an ORAC value posted at 4873[1] per pot, cherries are high on the list of antioxidant-rich berries. As the popular berry of many, you cannot find any mistaking their sweet tastes, but knowing how helpful they are for your health should provide even more incentive to post a bunch next time you're at the grocery.
Four. Wolfberries
Known commercially since goji berries around North America and other places outside their own China, wolfberries are a further berry which has been shown to have high numbers of antioxidants. While their own ORAC value haven't yet been separately confirmed,mulberry outlet, one could suppose their rating is near or even in excess of the ORAC valuation of blueberries. Wolfberries have a special semi-sweet flavor and the dry berries make a good, healthy snack.
Five. Acai berries
Made popular not long ago by Oprah plus internet marketers everywhere, acai berries is another berry which can be high in antioxidants. Similar to wolfberries,www.shoppingmulberryoutlet.com, to ORAC worth of acai berries has not been verified by an independent analyze, it would probably be protected to assume their antioxidising value lies somewhere equal to or above that from blueberries. They do style good and the juice has a semi-sweet flavor which in turn even tastes just like it's good for you. Thinking about how long they have been developed an eaten inside South America, they must incorporate some merit besides flavour.
6. Noni berries
Usually known as Indian mulberries inside their native region, noni berry are similar to acai in addition to wolberries in the way they have been advertised as health and diet supplements. Sponsored studies have decided the ORAC ranking to be leagues ahead of blueberries, blackberries and cherries, yet an independent study driven their antioxidant benefit to be even less in contrast to oranges.[2]
A berry or fruit's ORAC worth is not the only the answer to consider when deciding whether it would be beneficial to include it in what you eat. Some have larger levels of xanthones, flavonoids and phytochemicals than others, so a smart choice would be to consume a variety to receive the unique benefits of each. There are also many other options besides those in this list.
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