Linux Shell Scripting Tutorial (LSST) v1.05r3
Chapter 1: Introduction : Linux Shell basics

Which Shell We are using to write Shell Script ?

In this tutorial we are using bash shell.

Objective of this Tutorial (LSST v.1.5)

Try to understand Linux Os
Try to understand the basics of Linux shell
Try to learn the Linux shell programming
What I need to learn this Tutorial (LSST v.1.5)

Linux OS ( I have used Red Hat Linux distribution Version 6.x+)

Web Browse to read tutorial. (IE or Netscape) For PDF version you need PDF reader.
Linux - bash shell. (Available with almost all Linux Distributions. By default bash is default shell for Red Hat Linux Distribution). All the scripts are also tested on Red Hat Linux version 7.2.

Why to Write Shell Script ?
Getting started with Shell Programming