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We're back

After a long break, we're back to happily talk about free operating systems. Open source matters more in the fast-changing world of technology, and Linux is making a big impact in cars, wearables and other devices. Those are places Windows will never.

We'll keep you updated on Linux and the latest open source tools on the market. Stay tuned.



Google announces Android 2.3

Google on Monday announced the latest version of Android, Android 2.3, which is also code-named Gingerbread. The first smartphone to come with the new operating system is Samsung's Nexus S. The smartphone includes a 4-inch screen, and has two cameras. The Nexus S succeeds the Nexus One, which was made by HTC but considered a failure. Google has tried to give a new life to Android 2.3. It is the fastest version of Android said and sports a new user interface. It has a new keyboard and now supports NFC (near-field communication), which should allow devices to communicate wirelessly over short distances with other items like posters or credit card readers, provided they have NFC. But Google is highlighting the gaming capabilities with Gingerbread.

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