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Interview with Mozilla engineering director Chris Hofmann

A: We can't talk about this much right now other than what was said in the press release when the foundation was formed. As we talk to companies, there is a tremendous amount of interest and support. Getting into budget cycles for major contributions from large organizations takes time and a good deal of effort. There should be some announcements on some additional major contributions soon.

Q: What is the estimated market share for Mozilla and Mozilla-based browsers?

A: We are working with some survey partners to try and round up some good data on this. Adoption and use of Mozilla varies depending on country. In Germany, for example, market share is very high. We are proud of the fact that Mozilla ships in over 99 languages and dialects. The CD distribution program we started with 1.5 is doing well.

There was a good uptick in Mozilla adoption since the release of 1.0 a year and a half ago. Adoption continues to be high, and we attract more new users with each milestone release and additional article in the press. Firebird and Thunderbird are quickly becoming the default clients for many Mozilla followers, and we should see the adoption of those apps take off when we hit 1.0.

Q: Can you provide statistics of what percentage of Mozilla users use which platform?

A: Roughly 15% Linux, 7% Mac, and the rest Windows. Mozilla ships in all the major distributions of Linux, and we get a lot of support there. It still amazes me that the code has has been ported to 15 other platforms with the latest distribution the minimal builds running on Compaq iPAQ on the ARM processor.

Q: Galeon implements a nice feature whereby if you shut it when you have open windows, they are saved and are opened when you start Galeon again. Does Mozilla plan to implement something on those lines?

A: I think this is available as an extension on mozdev. I haven't tried these, but you could give them a whirl ...

Session Saver: Remembers loaded tabs and their history items when Firebird is manually closed, then restores the tabs and history items when next started. The saved session can also be manually restored or updated at any later time via the items in the File menu.

There is also another related feature called "Recall."