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Interview: Morphix founder Alex de Landgraaf

If Knoppix really goes modular, I hope the design will be as good or better than that of Morphix. If it is, we might be able to merge changes, or at least make the modules compatible.

The big question isn't "will people still prefer Morphix?", but "will Knoppix become Morphix?". The Knoppix team and I have been working together on some issues, but I don't expect things to move very fast. Then again, if Morphix becomes irrelevant and interest

fades away, Morphix will fade away too. But really, things are moving in quite the opposite direction. For now Morphix is here to stay. :)

What's new in the recently released

Morphix 0.4?

Heaps of fixes, a load of new minimodules, Enemy Territory in the Game version (instead of Q3A and UT2003, which are available separately as minimodules), a load of new bugs (most of them

my fault; thankfully there are enough alert beta testers who won't cease to report and sometimes fix them), Firebird in both Light and Game -- the list goes on and on ... and don't forget the new bootsplash screen (thanks to bootsplash.org for their hard work!).

Other than Knoppix, where does Morphix

draw its inspirations from?

Every distro I can get my hands on! But really, I talk to a lot of people, and if someone tells me about a new feature, or has a new idea, I just give it a try. The main problem is that there

are too many ideas left to implement, and too few free hours left to work on them every day. I used the old Mac OSes extensively, so that's my personal inspiration on how Morphix could end up (easy to get stuff done), but if I think something in Windows might be worth the trouble, I'll try it out to see if it is possible. I'm quite interested in UI design, so I sometimes wonder how I've ended up with a distro. XFCE4 works well enough for now, though. :)

Are there any forks of Morphix?

Morphix is built on trying to be as forkable as

possible, that's what it was built for. There are a number of different distributions based on Morphix, and some are more connected to Morphix

than others. In a few months I hope to have more forks, and a way to easily download forked modules. I'm aiming for a community of module maintainers, and things are looking pretty good in

that aspect.

How may people have downloaded Morphix so far?

40,000? 60,000? 80,000? I don't know! I think sf.net

now has something like 40,000 downloads, but we link to the files themselves too (as does