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Knoppix installation tips

To begin testing the distribution, download the latest Knoppix image

and burn it to a CD-ROM. There are several mirrors on the

href=http://www.knopper.net/knoppix/index-en.html>Knoppix Web site

from where you can get the latest image in the form of an ISO file, or

purchase a CD-ROM. If you choose to download, get the latest version;

Knoppix has a release almost every week. A suffix of EN at the end of

the file name specifies that is the English version.

The command to burn a CD out of the ISO under Linux is:

cdrecord -eject speed=16 dev=0,0,0 KNOPPIX_V3.2-2003-04-15-EN.iso

Where cdrecord is the command, -eject ejects the CD once

the recording is complete, speed=16 is the speed at which to burn

the CD, dev=0,0,0 is the device ID and KNOPPIX_V3.2-2003-04-15-EN.iso

is the name of the ISO image. If you don't know your CD device ID, the

command cdrecord -scanbus will present a list of available

devices. CD burning applications on Windows, such as Ahead Softwares

href=http://www.nero.com/en/index.html>Nero Burning ROM , Alcohol

SoftwaresAlcohol 120% ,

and RoxiosEasy

CD Creator, also allow you to create a CD out of an ISO image.

When I first booted Knoppix from the CD, it detected

every piece of hardware on my system. I have heard of people whose

hardware was not completely detected even with distributions such as Red

Hat 9.0, so I was impressed.

The best thing about Knoppix is that you can run it off the CD and

install it only when you like it. If you do this, you can still use the

hard disk to store data. An advantage of this approach is that you dont

have to bother with partitioning your disk drive. You can also easily

upgrade to a newer version just by changing to a new CD. A disadvantage

of this approach is that it runs more slowly than an operating system

installed on a hard disk, since a hard disk is faster than a CD drive.

Once you are familiar with Knoppix and start liking it, you will be

tempted to install it on the hard disk. Before you do, be sure to make a

backup of the drives contents, and know the basics about hard disk


Installation tips

When you boot up the Knoppix CD, a browser window

pops up with a link to the softwares FAQ, which includes instructions