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opened once mounted. The third column lists the format in which data is stored

on this disk. The fourth column lists some parameters used for mounting the

disk. The last two columns are 0 0 unless the disk to be mounted is your

\\\'/\\\' partition.

Now first we must find which file in /dev denotes our windows hard disk.

Generally this is /dev/hda1 if the Windows Hard Disk is your primary master

disk. It is /dev/hdc1 if the Windows Hard Disk is your primary slave disk

We must now create a mount point , or a directory in which the drive will

be opened when mounted. Open the console.

Type :

mkdir /mnt/hda1 (For most users)


mkdir /mnt/hdc1 (For those rare few who have a windows as primary slave


Data on a windows hard disk is stored in fat32 or fat format which is

denoted by \\\'vfat\\\' in linux. So now lets edit the /etc/fstab file which we

have opened in the text editor. Make a new entry which should look like this


/dev/hda1---- /mnt/hda1---- vfat---- sw---- 0 0


/dev/hdc1---- /mnt/hdc1---- vfat---- sw---- 0 0

so that the above values are in line with the other columns

Depending upon whether you have selected /dev/hda1 or /dev/hdc1 ( If you

went wrong in this selection, it would not harm your hard disk so if u dont

succeed, try using the other one. Try to keep the columns formatted i.e.

Perfectly one below the other just as shown abov. Now save the /etc/fstab


Open the console and type :

mount /dev/hda1


mount /dev/hdc1

Now do

cd /mnt/hda1


cd /mnt/hdc1

then do


This should give you a list of the files in your Windows

drive. Now you can create a shortcut to the windows disk on your desktop


cp -l /mnt/hda1 /home/aarjav/Desktop

And thus you have mounted your Windows drive.So friends,

Happy Riding till we meet again. Bye !

The author grants you express permission to copy, store

and republish this document in electronic or hard-copy format as long as

its contents including this instruction are not changed.

This document was born in StarOffice 5.1 (Linux) on a lazy Wednesday Afternoon during my monsoon leave.