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Comanche: For a feel of Apache

This shall take care of almost all the options required to configure your Web server. In case of Virtual Hosting, you can achieve the same by clicking on Create a new host. All the configuration process is same and there's even an option to use the same settings as that of your "Main Web Site". There's even an option for "backingup" and "restoring" your current configuration files, just in case someone plays mischief with your server, backup's available at hand.



It should be noted that COMANCHE is not a complete product in itself. Many features such as addition of MIME types, setting up ftp access are not included in COMANCHE. COMANCHE is recommended only to get a feel of what Apache really is. To harness the entire potential of Apache, it is a "must" to know the use of "httpd.conf" file. COMANCHE developers are continuously trying new things in an effort to make it more user friendly. Hope that these small steps lead us to big leaps in the coming future.