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Setting up PPP and KPPPD

wall "Internet connection established ($4)"

echo 'date' CONNECT $4 >> /var/log/ppplog

Save the file. Create the file /etc/ppp/ip-down.local, and out the following

commands :


/usr/bin/killall -9 named

/usr/sbin/named /etc/named.conf

grep -v pppconnection /etc/hosts > /tmp/hosts.tmp

mv /tmp/hosts.tmp /etc/hosts

wall "Internet connection lost"

echo 'date' DISCONNECT >> /var/log/ppplog Save the file.

Make both files executable:

Chmod +x /etc/ppp/*.local

Copy the file "/etc/named.conf" to "/etc/named.conf.online".

Then edit the file "/etc/named.conf" and remove the following 4 lines

from it:

Zone "." {

Type hint;

File "named.ca";


Save the file.

Dialing out

Set "Connect to" to the account you want to dial, enable "Show

Log Window", and hit the Connect button.

The System will now start dialing. You can watch the progress in the log window.

Once you are connected, the Connection window will minimize in the right bottom

corner. To disconnect, click on the modem icon and choose Disconnect.

Fire up Netscape if you haven't used K>utilities>Menu Editor to add Netscape

to the menu, just open a terminal window and type "Netscape &".

There, this is the end. Now get ready for a practical ride on KPPPD in your

own machine.