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Routing Windows 2000 IPv6 traffic

should be "dancing". If you scroll to the bottom of the page, you should see your

Windows 2000 machine's IPv6 address: 1:2:1:1::2. Cheers!

Additional Notes

- Windows 2000 SP2 requires a few tweaks to the IPv6 install package before it

will work. See their FAQ at the download center for more info.

- PGP Desktop Security's PGPnet caused trouble with the Windows interface.

IPv6 wouldn't run natively (i.e. without a tunnel). Once the service was unbound

from the ethernet interface, I was able to use the interface as expected.

- Hurricane Electric will periodically check to see if your tunnel is still

active. I believe they remove it from their database if it's not.

- You might want to place the above configuration options in the respective

OS boot scripts to ensure your configuration survives a reboot.

- Remember to configure ipf to protect your new IPv6 network. I'm not sure

of its current status w/r/t IPv6, though it is worth looking into. In the mean

time, you can prevent all IPv6 traffic from entering your network with a rule

similar to "block in on xl0 proto ipv6 from any to any" on the router.