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Licq: A solution for your Linux ICQ needs

If you wish to initiate a chat request or send a file, right click on the name and you will get a whole bunch of options. The options for sending events are grouped under the `Send' heading and from here you can select a wide range of events. The above mentioned menu also features a hoard of other options including modifying the group, the user or activating the user as a floating user (a little icon for the user will appear on your screen and will remain always on top, which allows you to send/receive events from the user without having to open the main Licq app).

Licq is a client that offers you a fair amount of configuration options to help you fine-tune the client to your specifications. To access the configuration options, click on the system menu and choose `Options'. Here, you will be able to configure a variety of things, right from network settings to contact list settings, fonts and colors. Besides the configuration options, you can modify Licq further by downloading plugins (and manipulating them from the plugins manager listed under System) or icon sets. The Licq homepage is a good place to start for this.(See image below)



Since the GTK version of Licq comes with an extensive help system, accessed from the `Help' section under the System menu, any queries you may have on using this client are taken care of. On the whole Licq is an excellent solution for ICQ needs, it incorporates all the major features and has a very intuitive and an easy-to-understand way of functioning.

AOL Instant Messenger fans stay tuned, next week we will look at a Linux client for you. Till then, Happy messaging!