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DNS Tutorial

You will find many a option but go for the below mentioned options only for configuring master server

* domains: Which will define the zone file name as well as the domain name of the current machine by default and will affect the named.conf file. This will create a file for domain bigleap.com as /var/named/bigleap.com.

* Ipreverse mapping: It will ask options for IP reverse mapping or better still, we can say that it defines the reverse zone file name. Remember to click on add. For network name give the name as “network name”. Networkname.networkname.reverse”, for example here, 192.192.192.reverse. This will make a file called /var/named/192.192.192.reverse.

To see how it affects /etc/named.conf file, see the example below:

Now lets open /etc/named.conf

# This is the macro which defines where will the DNS related file stay.

Options {

directory “/var/named”;


# the line below says about the root servers or cache servers

zone “.” {

type hint;

file “named.ca”;


# This particular option tells about the file, which will keep hostname to Ipaddress mapping

zone “bigleap.com.”{

type master;

file “bigleap.com.”;


# this particular option tells about the localhost file mapping

zone “0.0.127.in-addr.arpa”{

type master;

file “named.local”;


# This particular option tells about the file which will keep ippaddress to #hostname mapping

zone “192.192.192.IN-ADDR.ARPA”{

type master;

file “192.192.192.reverse”;


Now #cd /var/named. There, we will come across four files:

1) named.ca

2) named.local

3) bigleap.com

4) 192.192.192.reverse

If we open named.ca it will show us all the names of root servers, which will work if zone file or reverse zone file fails to serve the DNS queries. Here the zone and reverse zone files are bigleap.com and 192.192.192.reverse respectively.

Lets see the zone file and reverse zone file, which is


@ IN SOA kshounish2.love.com. root@kshounish2.love.com. (

2000011301 ; serial

3600 ; refresh

900 ; retry

1209600 ; expire

43200 ; default_ttl


@ IN NS kshounish1.bigleap.com

kshounish1.bigleap.com IN A

kshounish2.bigleap.com IN A

kshounish3.bigleap.com IN A

kshounish4.bigleap.com IN A