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Virtual file system Part 1

This involves entering the new attributes for the file system in the superblock and restoring the consistency of the file system.

* read_inode(inode)

This function fills up the inode structure passed to it. It is called by the function __iget(). It distinguishes between the different file types by entering inode operations in the inode according to the file type.

* notify_change(inode, attr)

Used to acknowledge the changes made to the inode passed. In most of the File System implementations, it is not provided.

* write_inode(inode)

This function saves the contents of the inode passed as parameter onto the storage media.

* put_inode(inode)

This function is called by i_put() if the inode is no longer required. Its purpose is to delete the file permanently and release its blocks if there are no links to the file.