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From Power (point) to Magic(point) -- Presentations using your Linux box

Last but not the least we will demonstrate how you can embed an X application into your slide. This powerful feature allows you to display a movie or an mpeg video during your presentation or maybe even run some other application as a demo during the slide.

%page <--69

Wanna See an X APP (multimedia!) <--70

%system xeyes -geometry %50x20+25+60" <--71


This slide uses the system variable to startup a X application during this particular slide. You could startup any application using the same command line arguments you would have used, had you been working at the CLI ( Command Line Interface).

For a start you could use the script given at the bottom of the article. Run it using the following command:

mgp -g 800x600 sample.mgp

The above command will run the MagicPoint presentation for you in window of size 800x600.

Of course, you could always vary the window size according to your screen resolution. If everything works fine, you know you have taken another step forward towards making your life a little simpler.

This is as far as we go for now. We sincerely hope this tutorial has helped you discover some of the finer aspects of making some elegant presentations on Linux using MagicPoint.

Till next time CIAO !