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E-mail security using Mutt and GPG


current session, you can do so by pressing 'Ctrl-F'.

Now, that's really all you have to do to get Mutt and GPG to work together.

I found it to be the quickest way to get encryption support for mail.

Almost no configuration required apart from setting up your keys etc.

For details about how to use GPG, please refer to the README that comes

with GPG as that is excellent. The man page, of course, explains all the

command line options. The PGP documentation explains the basic concepts

behind cryptography and the Public Key Infrastructure quite well.

Mutt also comes with an excellent manual, which explains all the various

ways in which you can tweak mutt. It works just fine out of the box


I really like Phil Zimmerman's argument about letters and envelopes. You

should use encryption to communicate with others for the same reason that

you'd put a letter in an envelope. There's usually nothing to hide--usually!