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Introducing Motor: An IDE for Linux

"Miscellaneous files" folder. If you don't know what to write here,

I suggest you consult the rpm docs. If you have rpm version 4.0,

they're located in /usr/doc/rpm-4.0 or /usr/share/doc/rpm-4.0

directory. When .spec file is ready open the distribution generation

dialog again, select type .rpm and "Generate".

Contributing to Motor Development

As usually happens with my programs -- any comments, ideas,

bug-reports and patches you make while using Motor, are welcome. Mail

them to me directly. There is also a section for programs written using

Motor at its homepage. If you don't mind listing your program

there, you can fill out a form and the information will appear

on the motor web site.

About the author

Konstantin "konst" Klyagin, lives in Kharkov, Ukraine. He is a 4th year

student of the Kharkov State Polytechnical University, going next

year to get a BS in System Analysis. He currently works as a programmer

for the "NIX Solutions" company. Has got about 10 years overall

programming experience. Personal interests relate to computers, networking,

programming, IT, Linux, digital innovations and also art, painting,

history, politics, heavy music, girls, and having fun. He can be

contacted at konst@konst.org.ua. Konst's personal site URL is