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Remote installation over NFS

the network.

Open your favorite text editor and just make the following entry in your

/etc/exports file

/mnt/cdrom 192.168.0.x

Here you would replace the x with the IP of the machine you are

installing Linux on. As an alternative, you can just export the directory

to everyone on your subnet in the following format

/mnt/cdrom address/netmask


This entry allows every machine from the subnet to

access your NFS share over the network. After having edited the

/etc/exports file all you have to do is re-start the NFS server with the

following command.

bash#/etc/rc.d/init.d/nfs restart

Now check that the directory can be mounted by other hosts on your network

bash#mount /mnt/nfstest

Replace the IP address here by the IP address of the machine exporting the

cdrom. If you are able to mount the directory and access the contents then

you have successfully installed and configured the NFS server with the

share /mnt/cdrom over the Local Area Network.

Now you need to create the boot floppy that contains the kernel required

for network booting.

bash#cd /mnt/cdrom/images

Issue the following command to create the boot floppy

bash#dd if=./bootnet.img of=/dev/fd0

At this point take a deep breath and relax for the moment of truth

is just about to strike you. Three cheers to you for having just

accomplished a big and tough task.

Starting the Installation

Now insert the floppy you have made into your client machines. Before

booting off this floppy, make sure that the client machines' BIOS is set

to the following.


On booting from the floppy you are asked all the usual questions

The only point of difference is the choice of Installation medium

which is the third screen of Install. At that point you enter the IP

address of your NFS Server and the path to the NFS share, which is


The installation then proceeds as normal.

I would highly appreciate any feedback that you can send across.