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Guide to X-terminal setup

As an alternative you can just start xdm from your startup scripts. If you

are using an alternative config file or your file is in some location

other than the default then you might want to use the parameter -config to

point xdm to your file.

xdm -config /etc/xdm.config

If the xdm screen looks a little plain, then you can instead choose to run

kdm. No other configuration is required. You should however take a look at

kdmrc. This will be in /opt/kde/share/config for SuSE and in

/usr/share/config/ for Red Hat. You can customize fonts, background

wallpaper and a host of other settings. The defaults should work fine.

I haven't tried gdm but I expect it to be a drop in replacement for

xdm. If someone out there has tried it then please tell me.

Quick X-Terminal

If you just want to run a few applications off the server then you can

still do that and with a minimum of effort.

Start X and open xterm or rxvt or your favourite terminal emulator for

X. In the terminal type the following.

xhost +

This will add the above address to the access control list. This will be

the IP or hostname of the machine on which you will be running the

application. This is needed to allow that machine to communicate with your

X server. You can also type 'xhost +' to disable all access control and

allow anyone to connect to your X server.

Now telnet into the machine you specified above.


Type the following on it.

export DISPLAY=

This will set the environment variable DISPLAY to point to your

machine. Replace this with your own IP address. The ':0' part is the

screen that any client application should connect to. You only need to

specify something else here if you're running multiple X sessions on your


Just start the application. I've selected a suitably hoggy application.


This will start Netscape on the machine that you are connected to but

display everything on your monitor. Do not close the terminal that you

used to connect to that machine or you will break the connection and shut

down all the applications that you're running off the other machine.