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Newbie's guide to installing SuSE 6.4

Here one needs to know the complete name/specs. of the graphics card that

is being used. Select the appropriate card and then click on Modes. It is

possible that not all modes work for a given card. Choose the basic

640*400 mode and click on done. If everything is fine then you will get a

Automatic Timeout message saying that you have successfully configured

your X window system. Click on Quit and then type 'reboot' to reboot the

machine. To use X windows later on just type startx.

NOTE: It may be possible that the X server does not start since at a time

only one graphical session is allowed. In that case restart your machine

and at the LILO prompt type linux init 2. This will make you login into

your shell account from where you can then run XF86Setup.

If you are dual-booting then you will be annoyed by the fact that SuSE by

default will put Linux as the default boot entry. It's quite easy to fix

though. Login to a shell prompt or open a command line window. You will

have to be root for this. Then type lilo -D windows. It should show you

the boot entries and display a '*' next to the default boot entry which

should be windows. Next time you reboot, you will have to type linux to

boot Linux. Just pressing enter will boot windows.