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SAMBA for newbies

once you are through with your job. Just do smbumount

/path_to_mount_point and ....


It finds the IP Address of a machine given it's netbios name

(the name by which a machine appears in Network Neighborhood).


Just don't forget to pick it up. It's a do-all application with

a nice GUI for Samba. A pretty good substitute of the above

four commands if you find command line a little messy!!

"What about Network Neighborhood?", They asked.

I smiled and launched LinNeighborhood....

Besides these, there are a few other, distribution specific commands

which I have not described. Please refer to the documentation that

came with your distro.

"So, you have Network Neighborhood also on Linux!!", they mumbled.

"Yes.", I said and went to work.....;-)